Journal of Applied Science (JAPPS) is a collection of scientific articles relating to the field of applied science which includes engineering and design. This journal discusses the scientific development of engineering in the fields of civil engineering, mining engineering, metallurgical and material engineering, petroleum engineering, and engineering in other fields. In addition, it also contains scientific articles in the field of planning such as urban and regional planning and Architecture which is balanced with design in the fields of Product and Interior Design. In the process, this journal involves the reviewer with a minimum doctoral qualification from domestic and foreign universities affilitations. In addition, it also involves observers from industry and the government with appropriate qualifications in the field of review. JAPPS will be published twice a year, in February and August with different topics for each volume. In its future development, JAPPS will be published in two versions: Indonesian and English. Copyright © 2019 JAPPS

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Focus and Scope

JAPPS is an open journal system published by LPPM Institut Teknologi dan Sains Bandung, which is a journal for communicating researchers and practitioners, industrial professionals, and government that includes research fields in Sciences and Engineering & Design and Planning  
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Vol 3, No 2 (2021): Journal of Applied Science (JAPPS)

Table of Contents

Vol. 3 No. 2 (2021)

Syahyudes Rina
Cahyaning Kilang Permatasari
Esterlita Hisamatsu
Jhon Viter Marpaung, Muhammad Fauzi, Desy Prastyani